About Me

Hi guys!

I'm Wies, a 21-year-old Dutch girl from the Netherlands, and currently doing my bachelor at University College in Maastricht. If you want to know more about my studies, please go to that page where I will tell you all about it. During my studies, we get the opportunity to go a semester abroad to continue our studies there. This is how this blog came about, as I'm traveling to Australia in July 2017. I will continue my studies at the University of Adelaide, where I will be studying for about 4,5 months. 

On this blog, I will keep you updated about my life in Adelaide, Australia, about uni, about where I'm living, what I'm doing and what it's like to live in Australia. After these 4,5 months, I will travel through Australia and places in Asia as I have two months left before starting uni again in Maastricht. I don't have any concrete plans yet, but Bali and Myanmar are definitely on my bucketlist. A friend of mine also started talking about Hawaii, so who knows - perhaps I will be there in a couple of months!

If you have any tips for traveling through Australia or Asia, or maybe you've seen places I definitely have to visit, please let me know!

Enjoy! xo

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