Hotspot in Ubud, Bali: Lazy Cats Cafe

When I was staying in Ubud, I came across a cute place to have breakfast/lunch at. I was walking around by myself through the city a bit, and I found Lazy Cats Cafe. I was quite lazy that day and didn't do much, so this cafe seemed like the perfect place for me to stop at. 

I really love how they have decorated the place, as I love the light bulbs from the ceiling, the brick walls, the plants and the old furniture. 


I chose to order a green smoothie and a fruit bowl with a bit of coconut yogurt. Especially the fruit bowl look really nice, and both things were delicious! What did annoy me of this place is that they charge taxes for the service, so the prices on the menu always increase. Why not increase the prices and leave the taxes? Personally, I find that quite annoying because it looks cheaper than it really is. But overall, I did like the place and its food! 

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