Hotspot in Seminyak, Bali: Shelter Café

Personally, I love to discover new spots to have a drink or grab something to eat at, and on Instagram I found this cute place named Shelter Café in Seminyak, Bali. Of course that made me really curious, so I decided to go there and have lunch. I must say, this place does not feel like Bali at all, except for the tropical plants hanging from the ceiling. Their menu is quite 'western' with a lot of salads, wraps, fruit bowls and different coffees. But if you're looking for something else than nasi goreng, this is the place to go. 

I love the place and how it is designed, with a lot of tropical plants and wooden furniture to decorate the place. It is a rooftop lunchroom, so the view is pretty nice as well. 

Eventually, I decided to go for a salad with a poached egg, avocado, bacon and a lot of veggies. Even though I'm trying to eat less meat, this salad did have some meat in it (shame on me). Along with my salad, I ordered a nice smoothie and I got some veggie chips for free. I really liked the food, so I definitely enjoyed my afternoon there. Of course this place is a bit more expensive and what you're used to in Bali, I think I paid around €7? I'm not sure, but at a local warung you can definitely have a nice Indonesian meal for €2-€3. But as I said, if you're looking for something more western, this is a really nice place to go to!

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