Bali: Batur Temple and primary school in Klungkung

At the moment I'm waiting for my flight to Singapore, so it's time to say goodbye to Bali. I've been in Bali for two weeks, and to be honest I'm ready to explore another place. Bali is relatively small and although I could have travelled to Lombok or the Gili Islands, my friends weren't able to join me so I decided to stay in Bali. 

Luckily, my aunt lived and worked in Klungkung, Bali, and it was very nice to visit Klungkung and meet her friends and colleagues. I helped at a primary school for a couple of days, which was really nice because I got to learn about their education system. For example, they start class with their hands together saying 'Om Swatiastu', which means 'I hope you are well'. The children were very enthusiastic and energetic, something I actually kind of forgot about since I haven't spend time around kids for a while. To show their respect for you, they take your hand and touch their foreheads with it, which was so sweet and interesting to experience. 

On Thursday, I attended a high school trip to the Batur Temple, close to Mount Batur and a bit closer to Mount Agung, the volcano, as well. The volcano actually looked peaceful, and there is not much going on around it - and even though a lot of people were evacuated, it is still safe! The Batur Temple was beautiful, and luckily I could borrow some traditional Balinese clothing and pray with them. It's interesting to learn more about Balinese culture and their religion, so I really enjoyed this day. 

Now, it's time to go to Singapore! 

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