Visit Monkey Forest, Ubud

When you're coming to Bali, you've probably already heard of Monkey Forest, a famous attraction in Ubud. It's a beautiful forest with many temples, but of course most people visit the place to see monkeys. Eight years ago I already visited Monkey Forest, but it was nice to come back. 

Even if you don't like monkeys that much, the forest is a lovely place to visit. You can easily walk there for about 30 minutes to an hour, and observe the pretty temples there. To be honest, I did feel a bit nervous going in there, because a friend of a friend got bitten without doing anything to provoke the monkey, and getting all the injections apparently costs a fortune. The monkeys are definitely not scared of you, as they're used to having people around. 

Before going in there, some tips might be convenient. First of all, it is safer to carry a backpack or a bag that you can close off. Monkeys are very curious as well, and they will easily come up to you if they can have a look in your bag. Therefore, keeping your bag closed whilst in the forest is a good idea as well. I was carrying one of my cameras but wanted to take out the other one, but a monkey saw me opening my backpack and immediately came up to me. I'd rather not have monkey too close to me, so I recommend just keeping your bag closed. Moreover, carrying any food or loose objects might not be a smart thing to do either, as monkeys could easily steal things from you. If you carry your phone, just keep it close and do not wear sunglasses or hats. 

Even though I felt a bit nervous sometimes when a monkey came too close, I did really enjoy Monkey Forest as it's nice to have a closer look, and the forest in general is beautiful. I can definitely recommend it. The price is 50.000 Rupiah, which is about €3,50.  

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