My Travel Plans for November

Even though I feel it sounds so surreal, I can say that my semester abroad is almost finished. This is my last week of uni in Adelaide, and the time has flown by so fast. Only a couple months ago I came here without not knowing what the city was going to be like, and how my university would be. I have got a couple of deadlines left, but I'm trying to get them over and done with as soon as possible, and to still explore more of Australia.

Next Tuesday the 31st of November, I'm off to Sydney with my roommate and friend Tessa. I've already been to Sydney, but I really wanted to go again and explore the city more. There are so many nice suburbs that I still want to wander around in, visit museums, the Blue Mountains National Park and eat nice foods. We're going for about six days, so we've got heaps of time!

Friday the 17th of November, I'll be doing the Great Ocean Road with two of my friends, a really famous highway (?) along the coast in the state Victoria. We'll be driving for two to three days, seeing absolutely stunning places like Loch Ard Gorge, the Twelve Apostles, The Grotto and a lot of beautiful beaches. On Sunday we'll be arriving in Melbourne, to go to the Drake concert in the evenings, which we're so excited about! Frankly, I don't listen to his music that much, but it's just really nice to go to a concert here, so why not? We'll be staying in a stunning apartment in the city center until Wednesday, and then we're off to Adelaide again. 

A lot of nice things to look forward to!

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