Hiking in Hallett Cove Conservation Park, South Australia

Finally, last Sunday the weather's seemed more like spring, which we haven't had in a long time. Of course, this day was the perfect opportunity to go for a hike and explore Adelaide's surroundings. We decided to go to Hallett Cove Conservation Park, where you can go for a coastal walk. It took us approximately an hour to get there, which was totally worth it. The park was beautiful, and we even spotted a couple of dolphins!! Unfortunately, the park was quite small so afterwards we went down south a bit more to visit Willunga Beach. This beach was quite remote and it took us about another hour to get there, but it was beautiful - white sand and the water was incredibly clear. At the end of the day it did start to get a little colder and cloudier/rainier, but overall the walk/hike was definitely worth it. It's really nice to explore Adelaide's surroundings and see a bit more of South Australia. 


The last picture's from Willunga Beach!

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