Hiking in Morialta Conservation Park, South Australia

A couple of weeks ago, the weather was amazing so my roommate and I decided to go for a hike on Sunday. We took the bus in the city center, and in about 30 minutes we were at the edge of Morialta Conservation Park. We found out that there were three different routes you could walk, and we decided to walk the longest route that is about 7 kilometres. 

We hadn't really seen much of Australia's nature, as we live in the city and the weather hadn't been that great before. This was the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy the peace and quietness around us. Of course there were quite some people was the weather was so good (20 degrees and sunny), but the park is big enough to not run into people every minute of your hike.

I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it, as I finally got to see some 'real' Australian nature. We even got to see a couple of koalas that were sitting in trees, and we sat on a waterfall to eat something and enjoy the view. I'm definitely going back there once the weather is better again! 


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