Trip to Urimbirra Wildlife Park

On Friday the 21st, Adelaide Uni had organised a trip for all new exchange students, including a trip to Urimbirra Wildlife Park. When you think of Australia, images of kangaroos and koalas probably pop up in your mind. I hadn't seen them yet, so you can imagine that I was pretty excited when I heard we were going to a wildlife park where you can actually pet them!

Urimbirra Wildlife Park is about an hour drive southwards from Adelaide, and we went there by bus with many other exchange students. Unfortunately we only had an hour and a half to spend in the wildlife park, but that was enough to at least pet the koalas and kangaroos. Even though it was a lot of fun to pet them and feed them, I found the tourism a bit sad - especially when people were petting the koalas. About 30 people surrounded three koalas, and they were touched and petted continuously for 20 minutes. Although they were eating their eucalyptus the entire time, I cannot imagine that these animals enjoy being petted by 30 people for 20 minutes much. But - it was really nice to come close to them and take some pictures!

Because we had such a short time in the wildlife park, I didn't see much of the other animals. I did see some beautiful coloured birds, and some reptiles. Can't wait to visit another wildlife park or Adelaide Zoo!

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