Only 9 days left...

It's only 9 days left until I'll travel to Australia, to the other side of the world. Before I didn't realise I was leaving, but this weekend I celebrated my 21st birthday and the fact that I'm leaving for half a year, which did trigger something. It feels strange, exciting and scary at the same time, and to be honest: I don't know how to feel yet. People keep asking me if I'm excited and if I'm looking forward to it, but frankly I don't know yet - just because I have no idea what to expect. Of course I hear amazing stories from people who've studied abroad for a semester, but it still sounds and feels surreal.

I still need to book a hotel/hostel in Adelaide, which I need to do as soon as possible. Luckily, most other things are taken care of, which makes me feel a little bit more relaxed. But unconsciously, I'm still feeling stressed. I still need to hand things in at uni before I leave, which does not really help at all. In a few days, my summer holiday finally begins and I can finally completely focus on Australia. 

Even though I have thought about it, I have no clue what to bring with me to Australia. I'm arriving in winter, but when my semester finishes it's summer. I literally have to bring clothes for every season - which makes packing even more difficult and confusing. How many pairs of pants and shoes do I bring with me? And how many shirts do I need for half a year? I literally have no idea. I can bring 30 kilos with me, but I'm not sure if that's enough, too much or too little. We'll see when I'm actually packing.

The most annoying part about the whole thing is that I don't have a room in Adelaide yet. Even though many people have said it's doable to find a room in a week or two while you're there, but it's really irritable to have this uncertainty. Normally I'm not the kind of person who likes to plan everything and I'm always quite relaxed, but not having a room yet is still a bit stressful. I just hope I can find a room as quickly as possible so I can unpack my suitcase, settle down and hopefully try and feel at home. 

Long story short, I'm excited and frightened at the same time. I don't know what to expect, but in the end it'll probably all be okay. EXCITED!!

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