I found a room!

The last week has been fun, but also quite stressful. As you may know, I arrived in Adelaide on the 13th in the evening. I stayed in a hotel the first few nights, but then I moved to a hostel I booked until the 22nd. Unfortunately, I had not found a room in Adelaide yet, because many people had told me it was quite easy to find one and it would be nicer if I could view the room first as well. However, it turned out to be more difficult than I expected, as many rooms were already taken and my mind was quite set on finding a room in the city center. Even though Adelaide is pretty 'cheap' for Australian standards, Australia remains an expensive country and I was not able to find a decent room for a reasonable price. 

Luckily, I went to a viewing on Thursday, and even though I didn't really liked that house because of its distance to the bus stop and the city center, the landlord had another house in which all rooms were still available. She kindly showed me her other place as well, and to be honest: I was completely mesmerized by the place. It has a huge kitchen, dining area and living room, including all utilities like an oven, microwave, dishwasher and a TV. The bathroom looks clean and nice, and even has a bath. There's a little terrace behind the house, including a barbecue which would be so lovely in summer. Only exchange students are going to live there, which makes the house perfect. The only thing is that it's 10 minutes by train to the city center, and if you would want to bike it's about 20-25 minutes. But I don't mind that much, as I'm already extremely happy to have found such a place. It only takes 15 minutes by train to go to the beach, which makes the house perfect for late spring and summer as well.

Tomorrow I can finally say goodbye to this hostel, and move in. Can't wait to settle and get my life started here!

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