First few days in Adelaide, Australia

A couple of days ago I finally arrived in Adelaide, Australia. The flight was about 22 hours, from Düsseldorf to Dubai and from Dubai to Adelaide. It was a really long journey, but luckily I slept quite some hours on the plane, so it wasn't even that bad. Thursday night I arrived at the airport, and I took a taxi to my hotel in the city center. I was so glad that I decided to book a hotel for the first two nights, because this gave me time to rest and have some time for myself. 

The first day I was still quite tired from the flight, but I decided to explore the city with a friend. We just walked around clueless in the city center, but we finally arrived at a nice coffee place to drink some coffee. I frankly never expected the city center to be this big, even though I'd read online that there are about 1.3 million inhabitants. The streets are busy and big, which I really have to get used to. Luckily there are smaller and cuter streets as well with lunchrooms and restaurants, but I still need to search for the nicer areas. I noticed that the people here are very friendly and open, and happy to help you out - which is always nice of course. In the evening I went out for dinner with a friend; I'd found a nice place online with Korean food, but apparently this place was so popular that you literally had to wait outside the restaurant. So, we decided to eat somewhere else which was still fine.

The next day another fellow student from Maastricht had arrived in Adelaide, so after I walked around on my own through Adelaide Central Market and China Town, we met and sat down for some drinks. We were both quite tired, she from her flight, and I because somehow I couldn't sleep the night before. In the evenings the two of us met another friend, and the three of us ate some delicious hamburgers near North Terrace and our uni.

Today, the weather's awful and depressing - it's literally 11 degrees Celsius, and it's cloudy and raining.  I decided to stay in the hostel today, apart from getting some groceries that are way too expensive. I really have to get used to the hostel as well, because I'd never been in one before and I do not prefer to sleep in the same room with people I don't know.

Even though I expected I would really have to get used to being in Australia and Adelaide, I actually feel fine and quite at home already - although I still need to find a permanent place to live. Upcoming week, orientation activities start at uni, and in this week I hope to find a decent room. Finding a room here is a bit stressful, but in the end it'll probably be okay. To be honest, I'm not that excited about uni yet, mostly because I haven't had time to relax. Luckily, I've heard that uni isn't too busy and stressful here in Australia, so I guess I'll be okay. 

I'm looking forward to warmer and sunnier days, as I can then go to the beach, visit the zoo and do other nice things outside. Apparently, the uni's organizing a kayak trip with dolphins which sounds strange and exciting at the same time. Hopefully, the weather will be fine then to actually enjoy these kinds of activities.

Talk to you later!!

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