My road to Australia #1

If you know me from my other blog, Nature of Happiness, you perhaps know that I'm going to Australia this July. During my bachelor, we get the opportunity to go a semester abroad, and I chose Australia as a destination. My studies at the University of Adelaide start at the 24th of July, which is already very soon. I started this blog because I'd like to keep everyone updated on how I'm doing, what I'm doing and how my life is going to be in Adelaide. After I'm done studying in Australia, I have two months left to travel, which I'm definitely going to! I don't have concrete plans yet, but Bali and Myanmar are on my bucketlist (even though I've been to Bali before).

Arranging everything for Australia is quite a lot of work, as I have to arrange my flight, travel insurance, courses at uni, visa, stuff to bring, etc. A couple of days ago I finally booked my one-way ticket to Adelaide, and I'm leaving on the 12th of July! This is only six weeks left, but I'm still not truely realising I'm actually going to live there for half a year... 

I already chose my courses at university, and I'm mostly taking gender studies courses and cultural studies courses. If you'd like to know more about my studies, please visit my page above where I tell you about it more!

If you have any tips for me during my stay in Australia, or perhaps you've seen some amazing places in Asia I definitely need to visit, please let me know!

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