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My Time in Australia #5: Roadtrip Adelaide to Melbourne

It's been a while, but I finally decided to make a video of our roadtrip in November 2017 from Adelaide to Melbourne: the Great Ocean Road. Absolutely amazing, and perhaps even my favourite part of Aussie! Enjoy! xo

When in Singapore

It's been a couple of days already, and to me it feels like ages ago, but I spent some time in Singapore from the 10th until the 13th of December. I'd never been in this city other than a stop at the airport, so I was quite excited to go there. To be honest, it was quite an impulsive decision to visit Singapore, but in the end I'm really glad I did. 

I arrived really early in Singapore, and because I wasn't able to check into the hostel yet, I wandered around the city and ended up at Starbucks where I sat down for a couple of hours - because I was too tired to walk around. I did go to a museum, but wasn't that fond of it.

The next day I decided to go to the National Gallery, which I absolutely loved! It was massive, and at first I had no idea where to go or what to visit. I saw some amazing Asian art, including art from the colonial period of the Dutch East Indies. Moreover, there was an exhibition of impressionistic art - which I absolutely love. There were quite some paintings by Claude Monet, my favourite painter. I enjoyed wandering around in this amazing museum, and even though it was quite expensive ($25), it was definitely worth going. I spent about four hours in there, and I still didn't see everything.

That evening I went to the Gardens By The Bay, which I thought was very impressive as well. I visited both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. I must say, the Flower Dome was fun - especially because of all the christmas decorations there - but not too interesting, except for some African trees. The Cloud Forest was absolutely amazing! There was a huge waterfall inside the glass dome, with many different tropical flowers. There was a walking bridge through the dome, so the view was stunning. The entrance for both domes was $16, which was fine. 

The last day I spent in Chinatown, together with a really nice Indonesian girl I met in my hostel. We walked around and bought some souvenirs, and we visited Bugis Street - with many many shops. Overall I really enjoyed Singapore - it is such a clean and organised country, so it was definitely a huge difference compared to Bali. I kind of liked being in a Western environment for some days again, because it was so easy to get around by using the tubes, which wasn't expensive at all. Definitely a nice city to visit!

Bali: Batur Temple and primary school in Klungkung

At the moment I'm waiting for my flight to Singapore, so it's time to say goodbye to Bali. I've been in Bali for two weeks, and to be honest I'm ready to explore another place. Bali is relatively small and although I could have travelled to Lombok or the Gili Islands, my friends weren't able to join me so I decided to stay in Bali. 

Luckily, my aunt lived and worked in Klungkung, Bali, and it was very nice to visit Klungkung and meet her friends and colleagues. I helped at a primary school for a couple of days, which was really nice because I got to learn about their education system. For example, they start class with their hands together saying 'Om Swatiastu', which means 'I hope you are well'. The children were very enthusiastic and energetic, something I actually kind of forgot about since I haven't spend time around kids for a while. To show their respect for you, they take your hand and touch their foreheads with it, which was so sweet and interesting to experience. 

On Thursday, I attended a high school trip to the Batur Temple, close to Mount Batur and a bit closer to Mount Agung, the volcano, as well. The volcano actually looked peaceful, and there is not much going on around it - and even though a lot of people were evacuated, it is still safe! The Batur Temple was beautiful, and luckily I could borrow some traditional Balinese clothing and pray with them. It's interesting to learn more about Balinese culture and their religion, so I really enjoyed this day. 

Now, it's time to go to Singapore! 

Hotspot in Ubud, Bali: Lazy Cats Cafe

When I was staying in Ubud, I came across a cute place to have breakfast/lunch at. I was walking around by myself through the city a bit, and I found Lazy Cats Cafe. I was quite lazy that day and didn't do much, so this cafe seemed like the perfect place for me to stop at. 

I really love how they have decorated the place, as I love the light bulbs from the ceiling, the brick walls, the plants and the old furniture. 


I chose to order a green smoothie and a fruit bowl with a bit of coconut yogurt. Especially the fruit bowl look really nice, and both things were delicious! What did annoy me of this place is that they charge taxes for the service, so the prices on the menu always increase. Why not increase the prices and leave the taxes? Personally, I find that quite annoying because it looks cheaper than it really is. But overall, I did like the place and its food! 

Hotspot in Seminyak, Bali: Shelter Café

Personally, I love to discover new spots to have a drink or grab something to eat at, and on Instagram I found this cute place named Shelter Café in Seminyak, Bali. Of course that made me really curious, so I decided to go there and have lunch. I must say, this place does not feel like Bali at all, except for the tropical plants hanging from the ceiling. Their menu is quite 'western' with a lot of salads, wraps, fruit bowls and different coffees. But if you're looking for something else than nasi goreng, this is the place to go. 

I love the place and how it is designed, with a lot of tropical plants and wooden furniture to decorate the place. It is a rooftop lunchroom, so the view is pretty nice as well. 

Eventually, I decided to go for a salad with a poached egg, avocado, bacon and a lot of veggies. Even though I'm trying to eat less meat, this salad did have some meat in it (shame on me). Along with my salad, I ordered a nice smoothie and I got some veggie chips for free. I really liked the food, so I definitely enjoyed my afternoon there. Of course this place is a bit more expensive and what you're used to in Bali, I think I paid around €7? I'm not sure, but at a local warung you can definitely have a nice Indonesian meal for €2-€3. But as I said, if you're looking for something more western, this is a really nice place to go to!

Visit Monkey Forest, Ubud

When you're coming to Bali, you've probably already heard of Monkey Forest, a famous attraction in Ubud. It's a beautiful forest with many temples, but of course most people visit the place to see monkeys. Eight years ago I already visited Monkey Forest, but it was nice to come back. 

Even if you don't like monkeys that much, the forest is a lovely place to visit. You can easily walk there for about 30 minutes to an hour, and observe the pretty temples there. To be honest, I did feel a bit nervous going in there, because a friend of a friend got bitten without doing anything to provoke the monkey, and getting all the injections apparently costs a fortune. The monkeys are definitely not scared of you, as they're used to having people around. 

Before going in there, some tips might be convenient. First of all, it is safer to carry a backpack or a bag that you can close off. Monkeys are very curious as well, and they will easily come up to you if they can have a look in your bag. Therefore, keeping your bag closed whilst in the forest is a good idea as well. I was carrying one of my cameras but wanted to take out the other one, but a monkey saw me opening my backpack and immediately came up to me. I'd rather not have monkey too close to me, so I recommend just keeping your bag closed. Moreover, carrying any food or loose objects might not be a smart thing to do either, as monkeys could easily steal things from you. If you carry your phone, just keep it close and do not wear sunglasses or hats. 

Even though I felt a bit nervous sometimes when a monkey came too close, I did really enjoy Monkey Forest as it's nice to have a closer look, and the forest in general is beautiful. I can definitely recommend it. The price is 50.000 Rupiah, which is about €3,50.  

Selamat Pagi Bali!

Finally back in the most beautiful place of the world, Bali! My grandmother grew up in Indonesia, and I'm glad to be back to enjoy this beautiful island after 8 years. I arrived Sunday night, and luckily my flight was not cancelled due to Mount Agung. The last couple of days I stayed in Seminyak, a small city close to the beach. It is less crowded than Kuta I've heard, and I quite like this place although there isn't too much to do during the day. 

I have visited a temple called Pura Petitenget, a small one near the beach and the shopping mall in Seminyak. Although it was really small and construction was going on, it was quite interesting to see and seeing temples and little offers made me realise how much I've missed this. 

Friends of mine were supposed to join me today and tomorrow, but due to the ashes of Mount Agung the airport is closed and today's flight is cancelled. I'm really bummed about this, because I was really excited to have my friends here as well and explore Bali together. 

Even though I'm by myself and I haven't met a lot of people except for some nice locals, I am enjoying myself. Today I'll be travelling to Ubud, where I will stay for at least three days. Hopefully I'll meet some nice people, so that I'm not completely by myself. 

On the 10th of December, I'll be flying to Singapore (if it's possible) and other than that I haven't really made up my mind yet about my travels. I was thinking of going home for Christmas, but now I can travel with some friends of mine so that changes the situation. I might possibly travel with them to Vietnam and Hongkong, but I still need to figure everything out. For now, I'm enjoying Bali!